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Moon Exports: Satisfaction Goes Beyond Quality, Delivery and Price

Moon Exports, an exclusive diamond jewellery manufacturing unit started in Mumbai by the dynamic duo of Rajesh Jain and Rakesh Jain in 2003. It was started with a sole vision of achieving total customer satisfaction.

Moon Exports has come a long way today since its inception. Over the years of its growth, Moon Exports has been constantly keeping itself redefining from time to time. Along with its passion for ensuring customer satisfaction, they constantly upgrade themselves in every sphere from products, quality & service provided.

Creative minds at Moon Exports give innovative designs, young minds provide exceptional customer services and fine eyes provide superior product quality, this gives Moon Exports a cutting edge above all.

Thus their principles of integrity, customer satisfaction, mutual trust & transparency go into the very core of our business which has helped them to make a prominent mark in the National Market. Their unique strengths are further helping them to spread all across the Globe and make their presence felt in the International markets too.

Moon Exports is set to conquer the world with Imagination and Innovation. The company’s core strength is in the unique designs, with this zeal, they always Endeavour on a quest of excellence. Through the combination of innovation and imagination has made Moon Exports a proffered supplier to many jewelers.

Focus and dedication is what our success can be attributed to. The focus had always been the customer, way to enhance the value proposition for customer to satisfy them. Hence, today we are able to offer innovative diamond jewellery to induce aspirational customers to buy our jewellery.

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